Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stiff Little Fingers Suspect Device NYC

SLF added a few US East Coast dates in 2007. Nice surprise because their 30th Anniversary UK tour had no US dates. So to back up a bit, I had flown to London to catch their last UK show 8 months before. I ran into them at a pub before the show chatted a bit and that night they dedicated a song to me. I was blown away, amazing show. Well 8 months later I just happened to be in NYC for work and got to see them at the Highline Ballroom So here they are playing Suspect Device. I just found these in my files and I hadn't listened to them in 7 years. Enjoy.

Hotel Des Arts SF David Choe room

I stayed at the Hotel Des Arts In San Francisco a couple years ago. It's a small hotel that has rooms painted by well known street artists. I asked for David Choe room I had viewed the pictures of the mural online but in person you can see all the small detail drawings within the mural just like in his paintings. Dave painted the whole room, even hidden is his famous Munko whale behind the shower curtain which you have to unhook the liners just to see it. This is far from a fancy hotel, the rooms and bathrooms are tiny but a cool experience if you love the art in your room The hallways are also covered in framed original art from local SF artists and are all for sale. Here is the video I shot of the room.

Mr. Brainwash mural of Banksy as Oscar

A week before the Oscars when Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated in the best documentary category. Mr. Brainwash did a mural on his studio on La Brea. Banksy as the golden Oscar, surrounded by storm troopers on the red carpet. I went down to MBW's studio to film this mural supporting Banksy's movie nomination.

Banksy mural boy with machine gun crayon bullets Westwood

A week before the Oscars when Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated in the best Documentary category. Banksy hit up LA for a week. Behind the Urban Outfitters in Westwood a few blocks from UCLA they had this nice green wall to serve as the canvas for Banksy to paint a mural of a boy with a machine gun shooting crayon bullets with flowers and grass that went well with the green wall of Urban Outfitters. Within the week Urban Outfitters painted over the mural.

Banksy mural dog piss on wall Beverly Hills

A week before the Oscars when Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated in the best Documentary category. Banksy hit up LA for a week. Banksy did this bulldog pissing on the wall in Beverly Hills. I went down there and took pictures. To this day it's still pretty much intact.

Banksy mural Charlie Brown Arsonist on Sunset Blvd.

A week before the Oscars when Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated in the best Documentary category. Banksy hit up LA for a week. Just down from from the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. there was a burned out house which would be used as the perfect canvas. Banksy painted Charlie Brown as arsonist with a gas can and lit cig in his mouth. By the end of the night 2 guys came and cut away that chunk of the house and like that the art was gone. I filmed this that first morning, a lot of us photographers who followed street art would run into each other at the different murals.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Banksy mural PARK ING in downtown LA

When Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop opened in theatres in LA. Banksy hit up a wall just down from the premiere in downtown LA. The people who lived in downtown had been asking the city to build a park for kids instead of more parking lots. So Banksy sent a message with this mural. I went downtown to find it and shot this video.

Chloe Kim Day in LA

Back on March 19, 2014 The LA City Council declared “Chloe Kim Day” she had just become the youngest snowboarder to rank as No.1 in the world. 13 year old Chloe Kim from La Palma, CA. who rides for Burton and Oakley and trains at Mammoth Mountain CA. would have filled the second spot on the U.S. Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe team for Sochi but was too young to compete. I’m sure the world will be watching Chloe in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Here is her run from X-Games Aspen 2014.


Skater Dater from 1965. Because it's bitchin'

Thought I'd post Skater Dater from 1965, this is always fun to watch. The skateboarders were members of the neighborhood Imperial Skateboard Club from Torrance California. Their names were Gary Hill, Gregg Carroll, Mike Mel, Bill McKaig, Gary Jennings, Bruce McKaig and Rick Anderson. Melissa Mallory played the Yoko Ono. Clay wheels is how I started and hearing that clay on the street just vibrating takes you back to hitting a tiny pebble and board coming to a instant stop and you go flying forward and eat it. See the Search for Animal Chin storyline doesn't seem so bad now.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Tony Hawk Day ( if you live in San Diego )

Today is Tony Hawk Day in San Diego. I don't know what happens different today but go skate and thank God for skateboarding. So today I thought I'd share SYNC Tony Hawk's new doubles video. I  always looked forward to the doubles competitions at the Del Mar and Oasis contests. It was always the most fun and gnarliest event of the day because of the near misses which usually included insane crashes. This video took over a year to film which is a nice nod to the doubles competitions of the past.


K-Pop group WAVEYA twerks to save classical music

K-Pop group Waveya twerks to Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco. Do you think this will get people to listen to classical music.


15 year old creates flashlight that runs on heat of human hand.

Ann Makosinski, 15 won her age group at the Google Science Fair. She created a flashlight that runs solely on the heat of the human hand. Inspired by her student friends in the Philippines who didn't have electricity to be able to study at night.


Michelle Kwan plays a cover of Guns ‘N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine on a Guzheng

Michelle Kwan, no not that Michelle Kwan Vancouver Canada's Michelle Kwan plays a cover of Guns ‘N’ Roses Sweet Child O’Mine on a Guzheng – a traditional 18-stringed zither which originated in the 5th century BC. Check out her Youtube channel where she also plays other covers.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Legendary Skate photos Uncropped.

Once upon a time I had these photo proofs. These press proofs were given to me by a fellow skateboarder at my church back in 1979ish, I immediately pinned these up on my wall as a kid. Well here are those un-cropped proofs next to how they appeared in the magazine. It's cool to see full frame pre-crop and pre-color corrected. Eddie "El Gato" Elguera by Cassimus, Eric Grisham by Cassimus, Jay Smith by Glen E. Friedman, Kent Senatore by Craig Fineman, Per Viking by Cassimus and Salba by Cassimus. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

Went to check out the Skateboard Museum in Morro Bay, CA. They have a good collection of boards from the early steel wheels to through today. If you're a slalom fan there are some nice Turner summer skis and Sims Ick foam racing boards. Bahne, Logan,Taperkicks, Brad Bowman, Santa Cruz etc. It was nice to see photos of Greg Weaver, Dennis Shufeldt, La Costa Boys and more on the walls along with many other pioneers of the 70's. It's a small collection compared to the Simi Valley Skatelab skateboard museum but its a nice display and it's in beautiful Morro Bay, worth the trip if you love skateboarding history and good seafood.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Carbon Silicon featuring Mick Jones covering Bankrobber

Carbon Silicon featuring ex Clash Mick Jones and ex Gen-X Tony James played the El Rey 3.19.08 They mostly played songs from The Last Poet album. And finally near the end of the show what us old fans wanted to hear, a Clash song and Bankrobber it was! One of my favorite Clash tunes, this was a dub version dedicated to Mikey Dread who produced the song.

Invader in San Diego

In the summer of 2010 during Comicon, French street artist Invader attacked walls in San Diego with his tile art. I was able to find the locations through graffiti sites and Yelp. So after attending Comicon that year I went driving around downtown to find these. It's been 4 years since I took these photos and don’t know if these are even up anymore.

All Photos Doug Mukai. Instagram: @dougmukai @mygenerasian

Friday, May 23, 2014

Japanese Tattoo in the Modern World

I drove over to Little Tokyo to see the PERSEVERANCE: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World exhibition at the JANM in downtown LA. Exploring the artistry and the rich history of Japanese influence on modern tattoo practices. There are beautiful photographs, some life size which is amazing to see. Videos also feature interviews with acclaimed tattoo artists. My favorite tattoo was the one of the geisha skeleton doing the fan dance. Now that should've been a Powell Peralta skate graphic. Anyway go check it out if you can at the JANM in LA til Sept 14, 2014.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

David Choe & ARYZ in DTLA

When I heard David Choe and Aryz were collaborating on a mural in Downtown LA. I drove down to the Arts District to find the wall. Being a big fan of Dave Choe's art, I had always wanted to see him paint live. It was amazing to watch the murals evolve to the finished piece. The murals face each other on Mateo and Seventh. Here are some of my photos from that week. Yes, I'd rather be watching spray paint dry. Dave & Critter, thanks for the signed can!

All photos and video: Doug Mukai. Instagram: @dougmukai  @mygenerasian

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank you skateboarding

I first time I saw a skateboard was in a friends garage when I was a kid. It belonged to his older brother who was off at college. It had clay wheels and was just gathering dust. I remember sitting on it and rolling down the driveway. I was hooked and from then on I wanted one badly. I don’t remember seeing anyone skateboard at that time. When I finally did get my first clay wheels board, I rode it everyday. At the time I was the only one in my neighborhood skating until a couple years later the urethane wheels came out which would start the second boom. I haven't stopped skating.

I also liked taking skate photos. Oasis was my home park. Here are some from Oasis skatepark, Del Mar Skate Ranch, Carlsbad Skatepark< Marina Del Rey and a Local Mira Mesa Ditch. Skaters include: Tony Hawk, Lucio "Hap" Pontanares, Dave"the raver"Andrecht, Kevin Staub. Billy Greed, Keene Inosanto, Okawa brothers, Billy Ruff, Tony Magnusson, Steve Lippman, Dennis PolarBear Agnew, Greg Weaver, John Tuisl, Gator...

All Photos by Doug Mukai. instagram: @dougmukai  @mygenerasian

my photos removed so I an put my copyright on them, since jeff grosso's Vans love letters to skateboarding Youtube series is using my photo of Steven Lippman on the Truck Wars video Part2 without giving me photo credit.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Infamous Ramen Burger

I don't consider myself a foodie but this is a post about food. Well the day that Brooklyn's Ramen creator Keizo Shimamoto was coming to Torrance to sell only 500 of his famous hybrid burgers in September 2013, I was at Mitsuwa in Torrance, not to get grab one of these new culinary mashup masterpieces but to do my grocery shopping. See, I am not a foodie or I would have known about this event. A line of over 800 people encircled the entire building. I love Ramen and I love cheese burgers but I was not going to get out of my car and wait 4 hours in line. About six months later one of the Mitsuwa Torrance food court eateries now serves their version of the Ramen Burger, I don't have anything to compare it too except great ramen and juicy burgers but it was tasty and filling and a bit messy to eat. It was like eating two meals at the same time. Definitely worth experiencing. 
Here is a picture of the lines that day (Location Photo: Matthew Kang) and the Ramen Burger from GoSquared that came with a side of edamame. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Playing with food inspires

While shooting that video making Spam Musubi it inspired me to make some stickers. Growing up on punk rock and Asian food can have some fun mash-up results.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spam musubi + punk rock

I decided to make Spam Musubi at home. Note: This was shot on vine on my iPhone. Need to do a reshoot soon.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giant Robot's Super Awesome art show in Oakland

I was finally able to get up to Oakland and see Giant Robot's Super Awesome art show at the OMCA. Many of the artists that have been featured in Giant Robot magazine. Co-curated by Giant Robot creator Eric Nakamura. A range of mediums, including murals, illustrations, sculptures, photography and more. Artists include David Choe, Luke Chueh, James Jean, Kozyndan, Rob Sato, Deth P. Sun, Adrian Tomine and more. Many of these artists were unknown when first published in Giant Robot magazine  and now are household names, well in some households.
Check it out at OMCA April 19-July 27, 2014.
[Photos:Doug Mukai]