Saturday, October 4, 2014

Evan Hecox at Kinsey/Desforges

These photos are from Evan Hecox show back in 2008 at Kinsey/Deforges gallery in Culver City. This was his printed pieces not any skate art. It was a small show but had a lot of nice prints. I love his illustrative style inspired from photos he took down in Mexico City.It's simple but detailed and you can catch yourself just staring at the images.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mr Brainwash Life is Beautiful video from show

I found some videos clips I shot with a lame camera back at the MBW show in 2008, edited it together. It's bad footage but you can see how it was chaos, fun and entertaining. There is a previous entry blog with my photos from the show.

JR in Los Angeles

Here are some JR murals around Los Angeles, some were from the Art in the Streets exhibition. Others in Venice and downtown LA Art District also inside a now defunct restaurant hope they saved it.

Mr Brainwash MBW show 2

This is from the second Mr Brainwash show in LA.

Urs Fischer at LACMA

The Urs Fischer exhibit at LACMA.