Friday, December 26, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

CH3 Catholic Boy

SURFS PUNKS My Wave 1980

Surf Punks - "My Beach" - ORIGINAL VIDEO

The best of Rodney Mullen

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Mike Vallely & Kilian Martin - Mondays with Mike V EP1

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STATIONPARK (with Kilian Martin)

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Kilian Martin: Blank Canvas

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Stiff Little Fingers Live Queens Hall Belfast 6 Tracks 1980

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The NHS Factory and Indy Santa Cruz Road Rider museum visit

Got to tour the NHS factory and museum finally. It was cool to see the Independent trucks museum and the Santa Cruz skateboards museum. To see the original independent truck prototypes and Road Rider molds. Along with the old ads and used boards from Olson, DP, John Hutson and more. The old deck silk screen machines. And I got to meet Richard Novak the N in NHS who was sitting drinking his morning coffee in the kitchen where all the framed Jim Phillips are adorn the walls. Richard talked to us about the paintings and how Jim painted these scenes that were of their surf crew of Rich Novak, Jay Shuirman and Doug Haut who decided one day to make skateboards and the precision bearing Road Rider wheels and the rest is history. It was cool to see all the old Santa Cruz boards and photos. It meant a lot to me since my first laminated ply deck was a Santa Cruz 5ply but even before that I had Road Rider 2's on my Banzai board when the Road Riders came out. And when Indys came out I bought 109's and was hooked, Even though I miss the original t-bar design I still ride Indys til this day. I saw Olson, Duane, Salba skate the Oasis and Del Mar contests. So I'm glad I finally got to get a tour of the NHS factory and skate museum those were fun times. Thank you skateboarding!