Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ai Weiwei @large exhibit on Alcatraz San Francisco

Beijing based artist Ai Wei wei whose art lies between art and activism created new work designed especially for Alcatraz in San Francisco. The legendary federal penitentiary (Escape from Alcatraz) also the site of the Native American heritage protest. Ai Wei wei's art installation included sculpture, sound and mixed media. It occupied four locations on the Island and some these places have been off limits to the public until now. This exhibition addresses the situation of people around the world who have been deprived of their freedom for speaking out about their beliefs just like Ai himself. He is still not permitted to travel outside of China and was unable to visit Alcatraz. He developed the artwork in his studio in Beijing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More photos from the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs, CA

More photos from the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs, CA, Videos of this event are in a previous post a couple clicks below. You can also find the videos on You Tube under Mygenerasian.

Eddie Elguera held his El Gato Classic this weekend Jan 23-25, 2015. He brought together the legends of skateboarding to Palm Springs for since the Gold Cup Series in 1980. Friday started off with a photography/art show with many of the skate photographers from the 78-82 era showing photos never before seen. A lot of the skateboarding family hadn't seen each other in 30+ years, Gold Cup Marina footage played in the background. When vert skating died all of a sudden everyone quit, this time a lot of the legends were getting each others to sign boards and t-shirts and taking selfies for their own collections.

Here is a list of some of the skaters photographers that were there from the 79-82 era right before skateboarding died. Eddie Elguera, Christian Hosoi, Brad Bowman, Steve & Micke Alba, Scott Dunlop, Lonnie Hiramoto, Bobby Valdez, Howard Hood, Dennis Martinez, Dave Andrecht, Doug "Pineapple" Saladino, Rick Blackhart, Gerry Hurtado, Alan 'Ollie' Gelfand, Grant Brittan, Glen Miyoda, Tom Inouye, Tony Hawk, Kevin Staubb, Dave Hackett, Steve Olson, Scotty Foss, Eric Grisham, Jim Gray, George Orton, Freddy DeSota, Lance Mountain, Stevie Caballero, Mike McGill, Jay Smith ...