Saturday, November 14, 2015

Giant Robot Biennale 4 at the JANM in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles

Giant Robot Biennale 4 opened at the JANM Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles in October 2015. Every 2 years Eric Nakamura puts together an amazing art show showcasing some of the best in Japanese American and Asian inspired art in the country. Featuring sketchbooks by James Jean and drawings from Jim Lee and Kim Jung Gi to artists Luke Chueh, Audrey Kawasaki, Nathan Ota, Mu Pan, Mari Inuki, Andrew Hem, Yoskay Yamamoto etc. If you are in the Los Angeles area check this show out, it runs thru Jan. 24, 2016.

Friday, November 13, 2015

75 street artists throw up for a one-night-only art show in an abandoned mansion in Los Angeles

On Saturday Oct. 10, 2015 for a one night only art show in an abandoned mansion in LA. NYC based street artist Hanksy helmed this art show with Surplus Candy in an abandoned mansion in south central Los Angeles. The show was teased on Instagram that week on some of the 75 participating artists from LA, NY, Chicago, and Austin who came out to paint inside this century old rundown mansion for this one-night-only-show. The secret location was released a couple hours before the opening. Disneyland-ish lines snaked around the garden to the back entrance of the mansion for this one night only viewing which would be painted over the next day. This was a once in a lifetime event to see artwork from well know street artists in this crazy space from Morley, Craola, Hanksy, Wrdsmth, Lookatart, Starfightera, Drew Merritt, Conner Tingley, Fanakapan, Steiner, Greg Frederick, Deity, BD White, Thrasbird etc Hanksy told LAist, "It's over a century old and while it's a bit banged up, it's still a magnificent beast. And after it's all painted up, it'll be be a perfect metaphor for Hollywood. Pretty and pristine on the outside, but all fucked up on the inside.